On 6th October 2011 – in our Institute: presentation of the book “Landscape, Constitution, Block Buildings” by Salvatore Settis, great art historian, archaeologist, writer and professor.

National Photographic Contest: "THE SCHOOL IN THE CITY"

The architecture and social life in Italian schools", aims to stimulate reflection on the role that schools have in architectural and social development of a city, a metropolis, a city provincial or a small country.

Environmental activities: LOOK PPT


According to surveys , we use about 300 plastic bags each, every year. Most of the rubbish in the sea is made of plastic. Animals are being killed by eating it when they get caugt in plastic.It is the same for ducks  and other birds that swim on our rivers. All over the world people are now realising that we cannot keep littering our planet any more. Use your own bag to go shopping or if you have to use a bag, make sure it is made of recycled material.

On 24th and 25th March, during the ITALIAN ENVIRONMENT UND SPRING DAY, our students worked together with the IEF Delegation, above all, with Mrs Anna Siccoli, to present some of the “treasures” belonging to our Archbishop’s Archives.

“LEARNING SURROUNDED BY NATURE”a full immersion school project into the natural resource site of the amazing Furlo Gorge.  After a first approach to the resource site, aiming to elicit the ability of listening, observing, concentrating in order to recognize and know the variety of the gorge natural environment, the typical animals and their way of life and also the landscape, our students have been asked to produce some personal drawings dealing with that very special natural site. Some of our students’ “works of art” have been selected to be used in a poster publicizing the natural resource of the Furlo Gorge.

LOOK AFTER A GARDEN: Our secret garden – The best way to look at a garden – Our considerations – our ideal garden.

In Dicember  2013, our Institute has been awarded with the “GREEN FLAG" for the fifth time. This important prize was given by Mr Camillo Nardini (Regional Representative for FAI Italy) as a result to all the activities the school has carried on about recycling, as well as for the sensibility towards the protection of our natural environment and the development of a new culture of cooperative support of the third world economy.


Learn to love and protect the environment around us: MORE SPACE TO NATURE


On 9th November a tree, donated by WWF, has been planted in the courtyard of our Primary School. The project has been sponsored by WWF and AUCHAN Company. We feel very proud to say that “Padalino Institute” was the only one selected among those of the Marche Region.

Theatre Festival “MARINANDO”- a special competition for international students who have to represent “plays” whose subject is the “sea” and the way to protect it.  Both students and teachers spent a week in Ostuni and represented their play “MA CHE PESCI PIGLIAMO” that was given a special award together with four other Italian schools.


“M’illumino di meno” is a symbolic initiative directed to energy saving awareness, launched by RAI RADIO 2 in 2005. It is organized around the 16th February, the day in which the coming into force of Kioto Protocol falls.



The students of 2^ B Primary School and 1D^ Secondary School not only took part to the 2012 Competition named “BICI SCUOLA” but also won it. Thanks to this prize, all our students were guests of honour to the 95th  Italian Bike Tour which had planned its 5th lap in Fano.


Forty students of “Padalino School” took part to the project “Puliamo il Mondo” sponsored by the Italian Save Environment league with the support of the Fano Town Council.  The students spent two hours cleaning the city park called “Passeggi”.